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    Music Bingo on Tuesdays

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    Music Bingo on Tuesdays

music bingo


Enjoy a free game of Music Bingo on Tuesday nights, starting this July!

A game host from Baig of Tricks Entertainment will be guiding our entire dining room through several rounds of Music Bingo during dinner on Tuesday night. 

Tuesdays from 7:00 - 9:00PM

Play games and win prizes!
Music Bingo is the almost exactly the same as regular Bingo, except we will be playing clips of popular songs rather than reading off letters/numbers.
The music ranges from the 50's to today's top hits, including fun themed rounds like 80's rock, 90's hits, and more!
Music Bingo is free to play, but pays out real prizes every single game. Green St. Grille has amazing food and a nice selection of craft beer, wine and cocktails to enjoy while you play!
Every person that attends gets their own set of bingo cards, so the more friends/family you bring, the higher the chance someone will win at your table!
Join us on Tuesday nights, starting in July.